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Scope of Special Procedures

Free Circulation This rule applies not only to goods produced in the UE but also to imported goods that have been released for free circulation after payment of the import duties to which they are liable.
What is the purpose and scope of the release for the free circulation procedure? The purpose of release for free circulation is to complete all import formalities so that goods can be sold on the EU market as any product manufactured in the EU. Therefore, release for free circulation confers the status of EU goods on non-EU goods. Temporary Importation “Temporary admission” allows goods to enter the Union temporarily with total or partial relief from import duties. Examples of this procedure are goods imported for purposes such as exhibiting at a fair or taking part in a music show. In some cases, completing customs formalities is not required (e.g., temporary admission of means of transport). An ATA or CPD carnet may be used for temporary admission.
End-Use “End-use” is a customs procedure under which goods may be released for free circulation in the EU at a reduced or zero duty rate on account of their specific use. End-use promotes the importation of certain goods at favourable import duty rates if such goods are destined for specific purposes. This procedure allows companies established in the customs territory of the Union to pay low or zero import duty for goods released for free circulation as long as they are used for a specific purpose, such as shipbuilding, aircraft for use in civil aviation, or drilling rigs. Inward Processing Inward processing shall mean that non-Union goods are imported for use in the customs territory of the Union in one or more processing operations, for example, manufacture or repair. In the case of imports, such goods shall not be subject:
  • Import duties
  • Other taxes relating to their importation, such as VAT and excise duty
  • Commercial policy measures

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