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For this, we need:

  • EORI no. (only for commercial exports)
  • Commercial invoice or proforma
  • Previous article (T1, ATB no.)
  • Waybill (CMR, AWB, SWB)
  • If applicable, proof of preference (form A, A.TR., EUR.1)
  • If necessary, freight cost calculation
  • Detailed description of goods with a destination in English

We submit the relevant import application to the appropriate customs office as soon as possible. The customs office checks the application and assigns a job number. You or your carrier can report to the relevant customs office for customs clearance with this work order number. We have all the necessary postponement clearances for commercial customers so that the goods can be declared and released without their presence.


File your export documents with us by 11:00 am.
For this, we require:

  • EORI no. (only for commercial exports)
  • Commercial invoice or proforma
  • Number of packages
  • Gross weight
  • Net weight
  • Detailed description of the goods with the intended use in English

The application for the export accompanying document is filed with the appropriate customs office as soon as possible. Customs verifies the application and automatically issues the finished export document after the expiry of the statutory time limit for presentation and, if necessary, control on the following day.
As soon as the relevant customs office has issued the requested document, we will send it in PDF format as of 11:00 the following day.

Important Notice
Please note that we can only send the final export notes if the carrier has correctly completed the export document at the customs office of exit.
The customs authorities will automatically release this in the system.

We provide a fast online customs declaration within 24 hours.

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