Professionals with passion

We know professional customs management requires extreme care and precision in dealing with rules and regulations. Our aim is to bring forth fresh logistic and trade compliance solutions with added flexibility to suit our client’s needs.

Through years of working in the industry and building relationships with the clients we work with, we have gained in-depth knowledge. Allowing us to provide the best service that matches the wishes and needs of our clients. Which is the reasons why D.C.P. Logistics Group Ltd has so many loyal regular customers – and it’s why our numbers continue to grow.
We treat your concerns as our own striving to develop optimal solutions for you with maximum simplification and easy-to-understand advice.

Our employees have infectious enthusiasm about life and respect for each other which creates the best atmosphere to keep everyone happy, ensuring that their performance is excellent, efficient, and reliable.
As a customer, you benefit from our passion and commitment to achieving results.
Our prices are competitive, but not at the expense of reducing our high level of service and attention to detail.

Trained and Qualified Staff

Customs consultancy
We will conduct a fully personalised review of your business and its supply chain to provide a concise list of actions that need to be taken to meet your requirements.

Classification of Goods
We will help you classify your goods correctly and let you know what measures and tariffs apply.

Import Declaration
We identify the correct customs procedure and any required licences or supplementary conditions, and we make the declaration via our software.

Export Declaration
We identify the correct customs procedure and any required licences or supplementary conditions, and we make the declaration via our software. We ensure that each consignment has the correct documents for the destination country.

Well-trained and qualified staff

Transit Declaration

Using NCTS, we can apply for the appropriate transit and assist in obtaining guarantees.

BOI Tariff Information
If a customer needs certainty about the duty rate, we will apply for tariff information from HMRC. The BOI is valid for 3 years from the date of receipt.
We use the latest customs clearance software linked directly to HMRC and port systems to ensure fast and accurate communication and tracking of shipments.

We will ensure that your customs clearance is carried out in accordance with current legislation to avoid overpayment of duty or VAT and to eliminate the risk of penalties or additional charges.

We will make the necessary declarations on your behalf and oversee the customs clearance process, working directly with HMRC to deliver your shipments as efficiently as possible.

London Customs Agency

A Full Customs Services

As a direct representative, we process and complete customs declarations and clearance formalities on your behalf. D.C.P. Logistics Group Ltd provides expert knowledge of international import and export regulations in many areas.